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 Parkway And The BVL

To all our bowlers, family, and friends: Veterans Day has just passed and we are creating a wall of honor for all our Veteran Bowlers. In addition, we will be raising funds to purchase two “bowling lanes in a bag” to send to deploying army and NJ National Guard Units.

Wall of Honor
In response to this we are requesting all prior or current service member to submit a name, photo, and a note stating the time (years) of service. All photos will be sized and service time annotations added. These photos will be place on the “Wall of Honor” which will be located behind the bar in the large picture frame. The cost to you is free; just provide the photo and the necessary information.

Fund Raiser
In addition to creating the wall of honor, a group of prior service members will be raising funds to purchase two “Carpet Bowling Kit” lanes. We will be selecting two units to forward these kits to; one unit will be a full time regular army unit and the second will be a New Jersey National Guard unit. The units selected will be scheduled for deployment overseas into hostile areas.

1. To honor our “prior service” bowlers, so that all those who walk through the doors at Parkway Lanes will never forget the sacrifices you have made for our freedom, safety, and way of living.
2. To let those that are currently serving and sacrificing in the Armed Services of the United States be aware that we appreciate all that they are doing and sacrificing for us and generations to come.

What The Kits Include
The funds raised through December will be used to purchase the two complete kits. The kits include: posters and flyers for customization to feature a selected service man or women,slotted press release to encourage media coverage of the donation of the kits and the unveiling of the wall of honor, a red white and blue nylon carpet kit carrying bag with special red and blue pens for writing messages to the recipients of the kits, an American eagle viz-a ball, a 26 foot red-white-blue carpet lane (with “bowlers of America salute you” logo, matching 5 lb. Rubber ball, 10 pins, score sheets and instructions, 100 silicone patriotic wrist bands, and free shipping to the units APO addresses.

Promotional Items
The two American eagle viz-a-balls will be awarded to two individuals that donate to this cause. All donator names will be entered into a drawing to be held at the unveiling of the wall of honor. Also all the additional promotional items will be available at the unveiling with proceeds going to the New Jersey Veterans Association.

How Can I Contribute & What Can I Do?
Just fill out the donator card associated with this flyer, with the required information and return it to the front desk along with your donation. The donation card will be separated and hung up within Parkway Lanes for all patrons to see.

What is the BVL? (Source)

  • The Bowlers to Veterans Link is a national nonprofit charity (501(c)3) which supports America's veteran and active duty service men and women
  • BVL is the sport of bowling's oldest charity
  • BVL is the sport's most successful charity -- raising more than $35 million dollars for America's active duty servicemen and women and veterans
  • BVL is America's only national sports organization specifically devoted to veterans
The BVL Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), and the Bowling Proprietor's Association of America (BPAA).

It's not what. . . it's who. . . Bowlers throughout America have collected funds and given their time for the nation's wounded and disabled veterans for more than 66 years. Indeed, the Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) plays a vital role in the VA Medical Center community, comprised of 173 Department of Veteran's Affairs Medical Centers and 206 Vets Centers, as well as State Veterans Homes throughout the country.

The BVL, founded as the Bowlers Victory Legion, was formed on September 26, 1942 in the midst of World War II when the men and women bowlers of America sought to make life more bearable for the service personnel overseas.

The first BVL effort was made by the members of the American Bowling Congress (ABC) and the Women's International Bowling Congress (WIBC) who raised almost $700,000 through individual contributions. These funds were used to purchase recreational equipment, including 400,000 decks of playing cards, 352,000 pocket-size books, 75,000 deep sea fishing kits and a variety of sports equipment for veterans recovering overseas or in the medical centers throughout the country. In addition, three C47 medical evacuation planes and several ambulances for the military were purchased with BVL funds under the WIBC's "Wings of Mercy" project.

BVL raised monies through individual contributions and special tournaments, benefit parties, celebrity tournaments, and raffles.
However, the purposes for such funds changed as hostilities drew to a close in 1945. Part of the money raised by bowlers went toward the rehabilitation of hospitalized veterans and the amount gradually increased until the entire effort was directed to this cause. In 1946, the BVL officially began its new mission to care for those wounded and disabled soldiers coming home to a new way of life.

Although the change in focus came shortly after W.W.II, the name of the organization stayed the same until 1972 when the Bowlers Victory Legion became simply, The BVL Fund.

BVL holds the distinction of being the only national sports organization specifically devoted to providing therapeutic and recreational therapy for our veterans. These "extras" are essential to the social and psychological rehabilitation of these men and women.

In 1997, BVL again changed its name to the Bowlers to Veterans Link, which more appropriately describes our bowlers close association with veterans across the country. Today, BVL's contributions not only serve our hospitalized veterans, but out-patient veterans and other veterans in need.

Since BVL's inception, over $35 million has been raised by the thousands of participating bowling associations to provide such things as sports publications, televisions, arts and crafts materials and recreation equipment for veterans. Assistance is also provided in the form of direct grants for activities not fully anticipated by federal budgets. Naturally, BVL supports VAMC bowling programs nationwide and helps maintain bowling lanes and equipment at 40 VAMCs across the nation. Also, BVL sponsors the nationally recognized entertainment troupe "Re-Creation" which visits hundreds of hospitals every year, and celebrity bowlers who provide bowling clinics to introduce new methods of bowling for the physically challenged.

BVL also supports such national events as The Golden Age Games for hospitalized veterans over 55, The Wheelchair Games, The Winter Sports Clinic, and the Veterans Creative Arts Festival.

Not portrayed in financial statistics, however, are the countless hours individuals contribute toward various programs at local VAMCs. One example of this is the Annual BVL Mail-In Bowling Tournament held every spring. Leaders of many local USBC associations (formerly WIBC and ABC associations) assist hospital personnel with this event for which BVL provides coordination and both team and individual awards.

As the BVL moves through its 66th year of serving America's veterans, no lull can be detected in the energy, time and money provided by thousands of men and women bowlers. Judging by the past 65 years, BVL will only grow stronger in its commitment to brighten the lives of our hospitalized veterans.

 What Programs Does The BVL Support? (Source)

  • BVL grants provide arts and crafts programs, music and sports activities, reading materials, board games and much more to help boost their spirits, speed recuperation, and improve morale
  • BVL supports veterans recuperating in:
    • 155 VA Medical Centers
    • 209 Vet Centers
    • 133 State Veterans Homes
  • Along with the VA, BVL operates one of the longest running mail in bowling tournaments for veterans - now in its 64th year
  • The BVL is a long time sponsor of the four national veterans recreational events - the Winter Sports Clinic, the Golden Age Games, the Wheelchair Games and the Creative Arts Festival
  • BVL sponsors the tours of the entertainment troupe "Re-Creation‚" which performs at VA Hospitals and State Veterans Homes around the country
  • BVL supports an on-line tribute campaign to those who have served our country through "Operation: Honor Force"
  • BVL responds to veterans in need - recuperating veterans, veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and aging veterans - giving them an outlet for the joy, freedom, and friendship that recreation and sport can bring