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Opening: 1:00PM
Closing: 12:00AM

Tuesday Night Special:

2 Hour Rental Special
2 Hours of Bowling
Shoes Included!

Only $8 per Person!
Available ALL DAY!


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Job Openings

Parkway Lanes has Part time and Full Time positions available now! Click below to see our openings.



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2011 Summer League Application

On the form below, please fill in you or your team’s information to the best of your ability. Please keep in mind that the more complete the information provided, the easier it will be to fit you within the league of your choice (or a close match in the case that there is no more room available). The only information required to be filled in on this form is your First Choice for a League, your Name (Bowler #1) and your Primary Phone Number (Bowler #1). All other information is optional (if it is available). If you have any questions, feel free to inquire at the Front Desk, or call the center at 201-791-4680.